Prometheus Integration with Cortex

What is Cortex?

  • Horizontal Scaling- Cortex works in a microservice model that means it can be deployed across multiple clusters and multiple Prometheus servers can send data to a single Cortex endpoint. This model embraces the global aggregation of the metrics.
  • Highly Available- Each Cortex component can be scaled individually which provides high availability across the services.
  • Multi-Tenant- If multiple Prometheus servers are sending data to Cortex, in that case, it provides a layer of abstraction between data.
  • Long Term Storage- This is one of the key features of Cortex which comes natively inside it. Cortex supports multiple storage backends to store data for long-term analytics purposes. Some of the storage backend examples are:- S3, GCS, Minio, Cassandra, and Big Table, etc.


 $ helm repo add hashicorp
$ helm search repo hashicorp/consul
$ helm install consul hashicorp/consul --set --namespace cortex
  • We were already using AWS for few services.
  • Our Kubernetes was running inside the Local Datacenter and Prometheus was also configured at the same location, so we already have a built-in bridge using AWS Direct connect. So network bandwidth was not a concern anymore.
$ helm repo add cortex-helm$ helm install cortex --namespace cortex -f my-cortex-values.yaml cortex-helm/cortex

Prometheus Configuration

url: http://cortex.cortex/api/prom/push





A DevOps Engineer currently working with the OpsTree Solutions

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Abhishek Dubey

Abhishek Dubey

A DevOps Engineer currently working with the OpsTree Solutions

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